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Jun 09, 2021 Digital Marketing

Those days if we Talking about blog and website, it has been increasing Rapidly in the last few days. Who does not understand Who is the Reader? Copy paste is increasing day by day. Today, there are lots of Blogger and Digital Marketing company and Digital Marketer.

There are lots of competition to rank your website in Googles First Pages It’s not too hard and not too easy.

The second biggest reason for competition is the Post Content on every other Blogger Blogging Niche, Apart from blogging, there are many fields that have Readers.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  There is no science behind it. This is a Practice. Baba Ramdev is also said to do everything. It happens by doing SEO too.
Do we know what SEO is? How do SEO? But the problem is something else does not know the exact time of search engine optimization and the right way. From time to time what should be the meaning of the method, first, what should we do First?

  • Content or Blog Post:-Before creating a website or blog, prepare the content. Keep minimum 15  Post Ready for Blog Attention is not any Content Copy. If your content is copied then there may be a problem in ranking. If rank is also done then there is no benefit.
  • Important Pages:-Never forget to create these pages Like:- About Us, Terms, and Condition, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us Share the right information in all these pages. If you contact at Contact Us Page, then you must answer it.
  • Google Webmaster:-Submit Website / Blog to Google Webmaster. Hopefully, it will definitely come to the blog/website Submit to Google Webmaster. If not, then I will publish a post.
  • Submit URL to Google:-Whenever a Content Publish, Google must submit the URL. This is needed in the beginning but later Google Bot’s Crawling Rate is increased. Due to which posting is done INDEX.
  • Fetch as Google: Google Webmaster has an option Fetch And Render You can also use it. By doing this Google crawls indexes bot site.
  • Sitemap:-Make a Blog / Website sitemap. If you use WordPress Platform, there are several such plugins that can be installed and created by sitemap. There are many websites to create a Sitemap of Static Site where you can create it. If you do not know how to create a Sitemap, then comment on it will also publish a post.

Rank Website Through Social media sharing

Social Media  Sharing is a best Platform to rank website on google or any search engines. Not only new posts, but old posts should also be shared on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. This post shares and re-shares and a social signal are created for Google search.

Backlink Building

Backlink Building is another best Platform to push your website to rank your website on google searches. You should not do spamming for this. Link to keywords in the middle of the post by posting a guest on your Niche blogs
If your keyword is “headache” then your post should have “remedies for headache”. This will give Google bots more importance to your links and you will get full benefits of backlinks.

Use of keywords

As you know, people search with keywords, with the help of keywords, not by the help of sentences, if you use keywords in your post that are often searched. More Google website ranking. Visitors = Better Ranking 

Use keywords in Headings and Sub-Heading

You should use keywords in Headings and Subheadings to make your post SEO rich. Use <H2> and <H3> tags for your post’s headings and subheadings and use them in your keyword or keyword phrases. Use your primary keywords in <H2> and <H3> tags to crawl your blog posts by search engines crawler or Bot. When you use keywords in those tags, it will be more beneficial for you.

Use keywords in ALT Tag

Images make posts interesting. If you place an image in your blog post, use your keywords in their Alt Tag, this will improve the Google page ranking of your blog. Alt tag tells Bot / Spider about your blog posts about what it’s about.

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