What are the differences between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Jun 12, 2021 SEO

Techniques for Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO techniques are different from each other, if we talk about White Hat SEO, using Technics for ranking your blog that follows the guidelines of Search Engine, called White Hat SEO. Are. Just using the Technics for Ranking Blog, which does not follow the Guidelines of Search Engine exactly, it is called Black Hat SEO.

We all know that there are two ways to do any work, one is good and a bad, the same way SEO is also done by two ways a White Hat SEO and  Black Hat SEO. White hat SEO means good and black hat SEO means bad here.

They want to become popular as soon as possible in new bloggers because they do not have a personality, so they find some shortcut to rank their blog in the search engine, you will find a lot of shortcuts on the internet. Now as we all know, “Quality Backlinks are good for blogs” Now the same thing is said to Newbie blogger and if you can make a backlink by paying 500 rupees, then it will buy backlink without thinking, yes Such a backlink will increase the traffic on the blog but it comes from all the traffic Spam website, rather than being frustrated with such traffic, it is very scary.

What is White hat SEO comes in and how?

Quality Content
If talking about White Hat SEO, the one thing that’s most important is Quality Content | You know very well about every SEO technique, but if you do not have the content in your content, then visitors will not be coming to your blog. That’s why if you want your blog to come once again after visiting your visitor, then write only quality content on your blog, which will interest people to read and spend as much time on your website?

Titles and Meta Tag
When writing titles and Meta Tag of any post, be sure to note that what Titles and Meta Tag is writing you get from your content. What this means is that after reading the titles of the post, the visitor will know what the post is about. When writing Meta Tag, make sure to use Keyword related to the post.

Quality Inbound Links
To bring traffic to your blog from another website/blog, Quality Inbound Links is very important, which is also known as Back-link. Always create backlinks from websites and blogs that have a good ranking and if your blog is about technology then backlinks can also be made from technology-related websites/blogs, this will increase the ranking of your blog.

Follow Search Engines Guidelines
What is the Google Search Engine’s Guidelines for your blog before SEO? Read this. If someone does not follow Google Search Engines guidelines, then Google will block his website and blog. Any page and post on that website will not appear on Google.

What does black hate SEO come in and how to survive this?

Keyword Stuffing
Repeated use of the same keyword as an article is called Keyword Stuffing. It’s just a motive for how to post its rank. If SEO professionals are concerned, do not use the same keyword 2-3% more in the article. Anyway, unintended use of keywords, visitors do not have any particular pleasure in reading your articles.

Meta Tag Stuffing
The website’s Meta Tag should be done by the viewers immediately to understand what the post is related to. Do not use too much of any keyword in the meta tag, more Keyword Use is considered like meta tag stuffing.

Invisible Text
In this technique, people hide in the text of the Same Color by writing some keywords in the text of the Same Color. Visitors who do not see them but Google Robot can read it. Doing this may make your website rank but penalize your blog with this technique too.


Friends From this post we learned that what is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO? Friends, if you are a new blogger, always remember that there is no shortcut to getting a good ranking just like there is no shortcut to becoming rich. That’s why always use White Hat SEO while avoiding SEO of your blog and avoiding Black Hat SEO.

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